Lenses & Prescriptions

Optical Lenses & Prescription Service

ToyShades provide single vision lenses which have one single prescription across their entire surface and are suitable in all scenarios, whether you need your glasses for driving, working or reading. ToyShades offers premium lenses that come as standard which are 1.50 index, HMAR (or anti-reflective / anti-scratch coated hard lenses) that are second to none. We do not try to confuse you with a wide and confusing array of average lenses in the hope of up-selling you expensive lenses, like many opticians do. We simply include those expensive lenses in our price.

HMAR stands for hard multi anti reflective. These lenses are manufactured in a vacuum in which micro crystals are bombarded onto the surface of the lens producing superb anti scratch, anti glare and hydrofolic qualities. They also offer 100% ultra violet protection. These state of the art lenses are cost effective, robust and perfectly match our traditional, retro-relevant frames. They are a very impact-resistant material and offer exceptional UV protection.

ToyShades lenses are UV400, which means they filter out 99 - 100% of UVA and UVB light, and offer greater protection (than European standards require) for your eyes.


We cater for prescriptions with a sphere between +8.00 to -8.00. Prior to check out you will be need to enter your prescription. Adding prescription lenses to your ToyShades frames adds around 4 days to our production time before they are shipped. Unfortunately, we do not offer bi-focal or vari-focal lenses. (NB. Please specifiy in the notes section for reading lenses, otherwise it is assumed single vision distance lenses are required).