A new breed in eyewear...

ToyShades is an artisanal eyewear brand creating minimalistic, logo free sunglasses and glasses aimed at fashion savvy men and women. Founded with a rebellious spirit we wanted to create a collection of updated and refreshed classic vintage eyewear styles, to cater to those on a budget. We developed a collection with a contemporary and refined personality, befitting the ToyShades ethos and ensuring a resultant range of reassuringly affordable eyewear.

The brand initially took shape in 2012, and we have spent the most part of 2013 traveling around the UK selling our wears at pop-up shops and trunk shows. In September 2013 we decided to give even more customers accessibility to ToyShades, by launching our website and social media pages, engaging with customers directly through our website.

ToyShades are wearable, functional and show our dedication to producing reassuringly inexpensive eyewear.

Why did we name our company ToyShades?

We wanted to create a brand name that exudes everything we stand for.

Toy, an object of playful nature providing amusement; our replicas of classic, vintage frames; as well as tying in with our miniature pricing.

Shades, an underused slang term for sunglasses and more so because even at our extremely competitive prices you can rest assured that the quality of our lenses still provides ultimate protection for your eyes. All our frames are UV400 (intercepting 99 to 100 per cent of UVA and UVB light).

We took the best from both words and made it our name. We hope your ToyShades will provide you with all the relevant style and function you need to look at your most stylish, and at our prices they will leave you with extra cash to spend on other fashion items.

Our Ethos - Thinking of You

ToyShades, founded in 2012, launched initially on London’s iconic Kings Road, offering a new concept of stylish simplicity to eyewear, stemming from a new and innovative approach to product design and pricing with the desire to create reassuringly affordable eyewear. Our collection of sunglasses and clear lens glasses are reassuringly affordable and original - just as we believe all fashion accessories should be...

In choosing an eyeglass frame, certain factors are usually considered - these include durability, flexibility and cost. Eyewear frames have come a long way since their inception, initially conceived back in 1286. It seems unfathomable to the ToyShades team that with rapid technological advancements over the past twenty years that the price-point for eyewear seems to be ever-increasing. And with this in mind it is cost and pricing that is central to the ToyShades’ customer.