Gals Advice

Everything you ever wanted to know about glasses but were afraid to ask

Okay, maybe not everything. But in this style section, we are going to tackle the sartorial and practical issues behind what's euphemistically known as "face-furniture". So if you wear glasses all the time or are new to wearing frames then here is the guide to some do's and don't...

(i). On The Face-Shape Question

There are a lot of formulas out there for contrasting face-shape with frame shape. We personally, think there's no substitute for using the fitting guide, trying on pairs and seeing what works. However, there is some traditional advice given on the following pages, click here which might just help you narrow things down a bit.

- If your face is round, the traditional view is to go for a frame that's angular and narrow, longer than it is wide.

- If your face is oval, the recommended shape is as wide or wide than the widest part of your face.

- For a squarer face, round or oval frames are recommended, as are thin frames.

- Heart-shaped faces require frames that are wider at the bottom than at the top.

- And a diamond-shaped face goes well with geometric or oval shapes.

(ii). Update Your Look

Regular visits to the website and keep a look out at all times in magazines and papers. Subtle changes in the shape you are wearing can make a huge difference to your look.


(iii). Make Sure they are Comfortable

You should make sure that the pair you buy from the store are comfortable.  Ensure your ToyShades are feeling snug and secure but never painful, and as they loosen up, get them tightened or do it yourself with one of those maddening little kits you can buy in any drugstore.


(iv). When you try-on your frames, get a second opinion

Because otherwise, you do not get to see what others are seeing see how things look. This also adds an element of suspense to the whole proceeding. So make sure when your ToyShades arrive you try them on with friends, family and colleagues.

(v). Consider Colour

The colour of the frames is important. Black frames may be cool, but they can easily wear your face like a pair of Groucho-nosed novelty specs.

(vi). On Kissing

Either tenderly or determinedly - definitely remove one's glasses for a kiss.

(vii). On Pairing with Clothes

Your glasses are there to frame your best feature, your eyes. So frames are something to take into account when self-styling, especially if you wear assertive ones. Keep in mind that you already have a lot going on and may want to go easy on statement earrings or hair accessories. Always remember framescan immediately add a little edge to an otherwise sweet or more conventional look.

(viii). On Hair

If you wear glasses regularly, take this into account with both haircut and colour.